Better Breed Cameroon

When I founded Better Breed Cameroon in 2013 with part of the cash prize I received from the University of Buea and Orange Cameroon Foundation at my graduation in 2012, I did so with a simple thought: no one is addressing the root problem, we are addressing the symptoms. I would like to address the reason why we have gender-based violence than gender-based violence. I would like to address why we have corrupt/insensitive leaders rather than focus on the corrupt insensitive leaders, I would like to address why the young people are unemployed rather than simply decrying the unemployment. I saw working with young people as solving the problem from the root. Ensuring they don’t become the next embezzling leader, the next abusive partner, the questionable scholar etc. I saw that as true sustainable development. A decade later, Better Breed Cameroon is all about advocating, educating, researching, investing and organizing for a Better Cameroon. Find out more about Better Breed Cameroon via: .

The Nurturing Fund

As of 2024 I am one of the board memebers of the first funding initiatives established exclusively for supporting Youth Ministry in Cameroon. Through The Nurturing Fund, we're financing inititatives for youth and by youth doing Kingdom work. Find out more about the Nurturing Fund via .

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