These are a few places that I and/or my work has been featured in articles, videos and podcasts from media outlets across the World Wide Web.

Who's Afraid of Humanitarian Aid?

Jehan Bseiso & Monique Kwachou discuss flows of capital in the NGO-military industrial complex and the pitfalls of Western saviorism.

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Are you safe? Please stay safe

The statistics and scenes of violence against black immigrants in South Africa are horrible. A young Cameroonian student in South Africa writes about what it is like to live under such insecurity.


Cameroon’s New Literary Generation Comes of Age, as Anglophone Crisis Deepens

The central African country’s two politico-cultural systems clashed from the beginning. But in the last 10 years, literary production increased and a conscious community formed, and at the heart of it is Bakwa Magazine. .


When the revolution is no longer revolutionary, but change is still needed

It has been almost a year since the strike action against the overshadowing of the Anglophone Common Law and educational systems in Cameroon broke out. No one could predict that the protests would evolve into a debacle marked by violence on both sides and placing the very people who started them in a difficult dilemma.


Cameroon: Life in No-Internet Cameroon

The English-speaking regions of Cameroon have been facing a government-ordered Internet shutdown since 17 January.


The ‘Angry Feminist’ Title: A Lesson from the Cameroon Anglophone Crisis

For as long as I can recall, I’ve been forced to dispel stereotypes attached to my feminism. Just as Chimamanda recounts dispelling stereotypes in her renowned TED Talk, I often find myself saying ‘yes I’m feminist.


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